DIY projects on the block for this weekend...

>> Monday, April 14, 2008

This weekend is going to be fun. I have a few projects that I plan on working on and can't wait to finish.

First project:
I have this Lane cedar chest that was given to me after my mom passed away. It's a lovely piece of furniture, but not quite my style. I am re-sanding, re-staining a dark cocoa bean color and adding glass knob hardware. I am really excited about how it will turn out.

What it looks like before:

I will post the after photo's hopefully this weekend.

I am also re-staining this beautiful Ethan Allen chair my parents were generous enough to give me and I am finding a seat cushion to attach. I will also post pics when complete.


Weekend with the family

Most of you know I have a younger brother and sister who I don't get to spend a whole lot of time with. Well this weekend Dave and I went home for Daniel's 19th b-day and got to spend time with the family. It was so wonderful.
We celebrated Daniel's b-day with a bb-q dinner and presents, jumped on the trampoline like kids with Harrison, played with Georgia for a while and the hubs watched the Master's with my dad. It was such a fun time.

Here are a few photos.