My favorite things...

>> Monday, May 31, 2010

There are so many new things this month I have been using and loving, but I will pick the top 5 that have really helped me turn my fitness and weightloss around.

The Copco ColdCup is awesome! It's a refillable water glass with an awesome plastic straw that makes is so easy to bring water around. I was using so many water bottles and I really wanted to cut down on my consumption of plastic bottles. I purchased this cup from Bed, Bath and Beyond for $8 and I bring it everywhere. It makes drinking water much easier for me.

Couch to 5K has really been a beneficial tool in getting my lazy tush off of the couch and running. It's a slow program to motivate people to go from being lazy to being a runner in 2 months. The program stresses 3 weekly runs for about 30 minutes. It's just the right kind of exercise and gets me closer to my goal of running a 5k.

Protein powder....funny, I cut back calories to lose weight and at first that helped and I lost 9.5lbs, but after the initial weight loss I hit a plateau and didn't lose anymore weight. It was suggested by several health and fitness blogs that I up my calories by about 300 more a day with a protein shake. So far I have been doing this a week and am down 1lb. and gotten past the plateau!

My running shoes...I love Asics...they are perfect for my higharches and give me great support. Of course I cannot wait for the day to get professionally fitted for the right running shoe, but so far my shoes have worked great in aleviating shin splints and pain in my high arches.

These headbands are Goody stayput headbands. I am growning out my hair and all my layers are held back by these bands while I run, lift weights or sweat. They are a great and cheap accessory for me.
So there you have my favorite things this month. Sorry they are all fitness has just become a huge part of my life and I am loving it.


Projects at Casa De Hendrix...

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

2 posts in one day....I know, I have been so slack on blogging.

We have several projects going on in our home as we speak. We are trying to tackle them one weekend at a time so we don't overwhelm ourselves or our wallets.
Projects we are working on:
1. Photo Wall in the hallway with custom painted mats by me!
2. Mini patio outside of screened porch. We have no where for the hubs to put his grill or our recycling bins, so we are working on a mini-patio (8'x6') and retaining wall for his grill and our bins. I will post pictures this weekend.

3. Remove all "builder grade" bushes from the front yard and sod. This is done and I cannot wait to show before and afters. The box bushes were a PAIN! They were ugly for one, but they were full of wasps and bees and we wanted them gone. We leveled and sodded the yard and it looks so much better! I will post before and after photos tomorrow!

4. Master bedroom overhaul! This room is completely untouched! It looks the same since the day we moved in (I am so embarrassed to admit that). We have mix matched blankets, sanded down dressers that are getting stained and the ugly original paint color the owner chose. This is our biggest project and will take a lot of work and time but I cannot wait to show you the after.

This photo is our inspiration photo found on Rate My Space from HGTV:


Little Victory...and a shout out...

I am so excited....I started couch to 5k two weeks ago and I have amped up my other workouts at the gym so that I am making the most of my exercise time. My goal is to be able to run a 5k in 6 months. I know most people can train for it in much shorter time than 6 months...but I need to lose some weight as well.

The hubs and I have changed our eating ways...BIG TIME! But nothing we can't stick to. More water and less diet soda or sweet tea (for the hubs), lean ground turkey instead of beef, more fresh fruits and veggies instead of processed snacks...that sort of thing.

My overall goal is 50-75lbs....and that is a HUGE number and when I think about it I get frustrated. So I set mini goals...1-2lbs a week. Well this week's weigh in I am down 4lbs! I am so excited and it gives me the motivation to continue pressing on.

Another motivation is this new blog I am reading:

Tricia is AWESOME! She has lost weight the healthy way, blogs about her running experiences, workout gear, food and is such an inspiration and motivator! I think you should check it out!