Creating Faux Mercury Glass

>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love the look of mercury glass but hate the price tag. So I decided to try an attempt at creating my own mercury glass looking vases. They didn't come out really looking like mercury glass, but I actually LOVE the way they turned out and it was a simple project.

1st- start by covering the outside of your vases. You are going to be spraying the inside and do not want any extra paint on the outside of the vase.
Next, I used the Krylon brand "Looking Glass" spray paint. I picked it up at Hobby Lobby for around $7. I started spraying the inside of the vase in nice and even sprays.
This was after the first coat of paint!

And here is the final product! I love how they turned out! Now I need to get some flowers and put them in my newly painted vases!


Friday Fashions

>> Friday, October 22, 2010

No Friday outfit today. I am feeling a bit under the weather and my blow dryer decided to die on me while getting ready this morning.

Today is my last full day as a full time employee with my current company (until I find a new job), so I am celebrating by wearing jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, comfy shoes and hair in a pony tail. Not very fashionable, but we are pretty low key around here. In fact I dress up more than most people in the office...except the receptionist, she is our fashion queen! So today is my fashion day off!
But, I didn't want to leave you empty handed so I am adding 3 of my current wants for fall! I won't be getting them any time soon with being jobless and all, but I can still drool at the pics!



Going into the closet...

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A girl can dream can't she? Oh, how I would love to have a large closet for all my clothes, baubles and accessories!
Do you have an awesome closet?!


Friday Fashions

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

Outfit of the day!
TJ MAXX Jean Jacket
Daidy Fuentes Leggings from Kohl's
Target Tunic
Gold Flats from Target.
It was chilly this morning so I threw on the leggings and the jacket!


Friday Fashions

>> Friday, October 8, 2010

It was beautiful this morning so I took a pic outside!

My outfit:

Boyfriend Jeans: Merano brand by Target (these are my favorite cropped jeans)
Top: TJ MAXX Find
Jacket: TJ MAXX Find
Shoes: I found my shoes in college and I LOVE idea where I got them.
Jewelry: Silpada earrings and Wood & Chrome Necklace from TJ MAXX.
Have a great weekend!!


Have you felt your boobies?!

>> Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sounds silly- but in all sincerity...have you? Annual mammograms and monthly self breast exams can save your life! I get a mammogram every year, even as young as I am. My beautiful mother lost her life at the age of 34 in 1994 to breast cancer. I have several friends as I speak fighting this disease!

It's because of them, that I volunteer and donate to breast cancer research.

There are so many beautiful women effected by this horrible disease and who are fighting for their lives. Let's take a little of our time to help out this cause.

Here is a picture of me and my mom before cancer got the best of her.


Friday Fashions...

>> Friday, October 1, 2010

Yay- it's here! I am hoping that this installment will help me keep up my blogging atleast once a week.

Over the past few months I have become more aware of fashions, makeup and jewelry and I love it! I am very much in the belief that everyone should feel happy with the way they look and wear what they want rather than becoming victims to every trend.

I am not liking the way I look at the moment, after getting ill for 8 weeks it really put a halt to my health and fitness goals. I feel so frumpy again, so I am hoping that by taking pictures of my Friday outfits and my growing wardrobe I can keep myself accountable to start to looking better and feeling better.
I will be posting pictures of my outfits occasionally and current fashions I am loving. Next week it will not be so wordy!!

Oh- and I will definitely find a better way to take the photo's.... I think I need a tripod.


Pic 1: My new favorite necklace purchased at Target on clearance for $1.47. How can you go wrong with pearls and flowers ?!

Pic 2: (Horrible picture...sorry) I call this the Target outfit- everything is from Target.

  • Merano Boyfriend Jeans
  • Merano Cardigan & camisole
  • Target Flat Sandels

Thanks for looking! Next week will be less talk and more photos!