Forever Friendship

>> Thursday, June 26, 2008

My best friend of many many years has moved across country to begin her new career and life. While I am so excited about the many opportunities she will be beginning, I am missing her terribly and she has only been gone a full dayand yet it already feels like an eternity. Even though we only saw each other once or twice a week, there was always some comfort knowing she was right around the corner if I needed her.

I thought I would make a list of so many good memories we had together as a tribute to her and her new journey. Oh, and you must check out her traveling blog as she documents her journey to Arizona.


  • Meeting her for the first time and seeing all the Hanson posters

  • Spending almost every weekend together and getting online in chatrooms and giggling

  • Going to the mall together and sitting in our spot in the foodcourt watching the people

  • Summers in Edisto, and flirting with the guy at the restaurant

  • Every Christmas afternoon getting together and exchanging gifts

  • Her scaring the crap out of me watching the Excorcist

  • Our talks about YTK :)

  • The flying bird house and the tornado

  • Hanson, Backstreet Boys and N'SYNC

  • Going to NYC together and staying in a tuna can room

  • Girl's nights complete with Cosmo's and Sex and the City

  • Watching Grey's Anatomy together

  • Helping me and stressing with me over my wedding

Just some of the many good times I had her with her! Love you Jack!


pxrising June 26, 2008 at 10:45 PM  

Hey doll,
You are so thoughtful. I miss you so much already too! I'm sitting in my hotel room in Illinois wishing you were here watching AFV with me. It's not nearly as funny without that turkey laugh of yours in my ear. Love you so much!