Prayers and thoughts needed....

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't usually take to my blog for deep matters, I like to keep it lighthearted and fun. But today a friend from a decorating board that I frequent every day and have made some great friends with lost her child.

I remember the day she told us she was pregnant and then shortly after, she started having complications with the pregnancy. Through the whole pregnancy she shared her struggles, her faith, her joys and her happiness with us girls. Sadly this morning she informed us that sometime during the early morning hours her unborn child lost their life. Sadly, she was due this month.

She has been a powerhouse of strength and courage, Never letting her situation take her focus off of God and his ultimate plan for her and her husband and child's life. She faced challening circumstances her entire nine months of pregnancy, but she never waivered in her faith.

Today our friends mourn the loss of this precious little angel, who is in heaven today.

If interested- you can read her blog through this whole struggle- it will show truly what a strong woman she is.

Please keep her in your prayers.