Newness here and there...

>> Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Since I am notorious for not taking snapshots of new projects and happenings in my life, I figured I would post a few photos that I actually remembered to take and share with you guys!

This is right above my stove. I wanted something to fill in the empty space since I don't have a backsplash in the kitchen and I felt that the plates added some cuteness and pizzaz to the otherwise boring space above the stove.

I made this yummy meal Sunday afternoon! It consists of Edamame, baby portobellos, chicken and ramen noodles. Instead of using the "msg laden packet" that accompanies the ramen noodles I made my own soup base. I used fresh garlic and onion, a cup of water and a cup of chicken broth, cumin powder, sesame oil and soy sauce. It was so good!

This is my crazy cucumber! All of my cucumbers are growing such odd shapes, but they taste amazing. I am really happy with our garden this year. So far I have had several cucumbers, tons of cherry tomatoes and lots of banana peppers!