Guest Bathroom Reveal....

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

So, I am really bad at remembering to take before photos. I get halfway through my project or nearly complete with my project and a light goes off reminding me that it is now to late to take a before photo.

The guest bathroom before wasn't horrible...but the colors were horrendous. Every color the house was painted by the original owners had mustard undertones. The bathroom was green with mustard undertones...not calming or bathroom like to me at all.

We painted, added a few pictures and a new shower curtain and already it feels much better. Still to do: change the faucet, hardware and light fixture to an oil rubbed bronze and replace the baseboards. They are scratched and worn from 10 years of use so we will be replacing them.

Oh- and that hand towel is there for display and the picture only. It skeeves me out to have towels near the toilet.