Friday Fashions...

>> Friday, November 5, 2010

So, I believe last week I did not do a post and I didn't snap a pic this morning either of my outfit.

I did however purchase some new jewelry and highlighted my hair by myself and wanted to post some pictures.
On to jewelry: I have wanted a skeleton key necklace for quite some time and I found one at TJMAXX the other day on clearance for $2.00! It's gold ( I do not wear much gold) but I love it, it's perfect for fall. Well I was just flabbergasted when I went into Target the other day and noticed a pair of earrings that would match it perfectly in their clearance bin for $.50!
Now to hair: I LOVE my hairdresser....did I mention that I love her?! She listens to exactly what I want and gives me her honest opinion. She colors my hair beautifully and I always feel fantastic after visiting her. However, with the horrible economy and crappy real estate market I do not have $85 to spend every 3 months on my hair.

Enter Sally beauty...I had 6 month roots going on and it wasn't pretty...I was desperate. They recommended Kaleidicolors Violet bleach and Loreal Volume 20 developer. I pulled my hair through the cap, heated it with my blow dryer and voila...beautiful blonde highlights. I was so happy and most of all it cost me less than $10 bucks!
My chin looks so weird...I think the neck of the sweater is making it look that way!

Have a great weekend!


Cincy November 8, 2010 at 7:09 PM  

That's the same stuff I use on my hair but I get the brown/neutral stuff in Kaleidecolor. Also, good luck with the p90x. That is awesome I hear.