2010...A year in review

>> Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 has been a challenging and exciting year and I am not sad to see it go. I am looking forward to 2011 and emrbacing it with open arms! A few of the most memorable highs and lows this year"

My best friend's comin' to town"

This is Jackie, my best friend/sister in the whole world! She moved into my neighborhood when we were in 7th grade and have been best friends ever since. We grew up together, crushed on the same boys, saw each other graduate highschool, were college roomates, lived together after college, she was my maid of honor in my waiting and I saw her move to Phoenix, AZ. Even after her big move, we have remained the closest of friends. The distance has been a little hard on me, but when she said she was coming for a visit in September I was so excited! We had a great few days together and it remains one of the best moments of my year!

Making a new and special friend: I had the opportunity of becoming better friends with this wonderful lady...Heather! She has been one of the best people for me to have around in 2010. She helped me on my fitness goals, was a listening ear when I needed someone, she definitely pushes me to be the best "Jessica" I can be. She is funny, sweet, down to earth and all around amazing! I am very thankful for her and cannot wait to see where our friendship goes!

Couch to 5K: I hate exercising....but have always wanted to run. Weird, I know! So when I was introduced to a program to literally get me off the couch and running in a few months I was thrilled. The program started great and alongside help from the said friend above, I lost 14lbs this summer! Unfortunately, sickness derailed me. But in 2011 I plan on starting and finishing C25K and doing a 5k race.

Speaking of sickness, this summer was one of the roughest points of my life. I started having vision problems which led to almost complete double vision, I wasn't able to walk, had horrible muscle spasms, was severely fatigued and still am most days, was dizzy all the time and had tons of numbness and tingles all over my body. This lasted for 8 weeks and I had multiple tests, bloodwork, MRI's....the doctor's have unofficially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I say unofficially because no lesions have been found on my brain or spine, but all my symptoms fit. I haven't talked much about it on my blog, but it definitely was a low point for me. I am now just trying to work with the doctors to get an answer.
Snow!!!: This is a BIG deal. I am sure all you Northerners are laughing at me, but down South, especially in my part of the state. It never snows and sticks. In fact, the last time it did that was in the 1920's. So, how suprised were we when it snowed 3x this year! One the day after Christmas! It was amazing!

Another low: My parents divorce. This was a toughie....technically it has been over a year, started in '09 but was finalized this year. Some of you know my family history, so this wasn't a complete shock. But it was still very hard to see people in pain and hurt, especially the one's you love. It's hard losing people as well.
Lastly, we celebrated owning our home for 1 year! There is a wonderful feeling about owning your own home. We have started many projects and I look to continue working on projects and making memories in this house!

Happy New Year to all of you readers! I hope 2011 is filled with much joy and happiness for you!