My Christmas Tree and Backyard Garland

>> Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas this year is different compared to Christmas' of the past and I am actually enjoying this one much more. With being sick and out of work for 8 weeks this summer and then having my hours cut back at the office- we are doing what we call a "Low Key Christmas".
We decided not to buy any unecessary gifts, treats and even decor. At first I was extremely bummed about the lack of funds for decor. I wanted new ornaments for the tree this year, and hearty garland and ribbon, but instead of letting the lack of funds get me down I decided to re-use my ornaments from when we first got married. Although, to my suprise I found a box with a few brand new ornaments and gold ribbon that I bought last year after Christmas. I was very excited and added those to the tree. I am very happy with the tree and it brought back memories of our first married Christmas together.
My garland...I was so upset about not having any garland for the was sitting there looking so bare and naked and was craving attention. Once I stopped thinking about not having any money to go buy things for the mantel, I started thinking of ways to make something for free.
Alas- garland made from the backyard. We have a very green leafy bush that I cut many branches from (I am sure DH appreciated me pruning the bush so we wouldn't have to), used some floral wire to connect it and then just draped white lights, some ornament balls and took a clear vase with some water and added the branches with a few sticks and some gold starts. Voila- free garland! I added a few candles with some raffia around them and there you have it.
Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


DP December 26, 2010 at 12:18 AM  

Merry Christmas Jess! After Xmas shopping is the best time to buy decorations. So you can splurge tomorrow and use it up next year! Your tree looked sooo beautiful. Happy 2011! <3, Dipti