My favorite Things

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is way overdue! I had a very busy January and we are only 2 weeks into February, but I wanted to continue with the "My favorite Things" posts. I love when blogs I read post their favorite finds, it always encourages me to try new things, gadgets and ect...

So, without further adieu:
Burt's Bees + lip color= AMAZING! I love this pomegranite lip color. I usually swipe it on in place of lipstick. It's great.

I have this ruffled cashmere scarf in black and it is the perfect compliment to jeans and a longsleeve shirt. It jazz's up the whole outfit!

I LOVE jewelry and I LOVE Silpada Jewelry more! A lady at work turned me on to it and I am officially smitten. The pieces are a little on the pricier side, but they are great quality and have some really original pieces. I even threw a party for my friend and got some great jewelry out of it.

Yea, so I am addicted to this stuff. I think for a 1 1/2 cups it's 160 calories. Plus it's a great late night snack.

Country Living Magazine- They always have the greatest ideas and recipes, plus it's very much my style.