What the hay is all this white stuff?

>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's wet, cold and is taking over my entire neighborhood?! Yes, readers that is snow! I am sure you think I am completely insane for being this excited about snow....but you have to understand, every year the weatherman gets our hopes so high on the chances of snow and it NEVER happens.

So, when we heard this past Wednesday that we had a 60% chance of snow showers...not sleet or ice, but actual snow, we ignored the forcast and went our usual way and payed no mind to the weather.

Lo and behold, it happened! The first snow in this part of SC in years....and when I mean years I mean double digit years! I think we are at almost 6 inches in our part of SC. It is so beautiful and wonderful. We used to get these kind of snows in the northern part of SC where I grew up, so having this snow was such a treat.

Now I will wait anxiously for the next snow fall....20 or 30 years from now :)

Enjoy the pics!