Want $300 next month?

>> Monday, April 19, 2010

I have become an avid user of coupons. Last month I saved the hubs and I over $300 on our grocery bill, just by checking sales and using coupons. It is becoming sort of like a game for me now...how much money can I save? Or how much money can I make...yea, I said make. I made $5 dollars at CVS the other day.

Today alone, between grocery shopping, a trip to CVS and Target I saved us $66 dollars, plus I got a free movie ticket. Now DH and I can go see a movie with our free ticket + using a gift card we received at Christmas...will cost us nothing to go!

I thought I would share a little bit of my Target shopping experience today:

I bought all of this for.....$12.17 dollars today!

Here is my breakdown before coupons:

  • Sparkle Papertowels: $3.49
  • Hefty Trashbags: $4.99
  • 2 Candle holders for the screen porch: 2@ $2.50 for a total of $5
  • Tampax Tampons: $3.14
  • Nivea Body Wash: $ 5.49
  • ELF Makeup Brush: $1.00
  • ELF Bronzer: $1.00
  • Vaseline Infusion Lotion: $5.99

Total with tax: $32.20

After coupons and tax -I paid : $12.17

Total Savings at Target: $20.03

I went to CVS this evening and purchased:

  • By one get one free Dove Invisible Solid Deodorant $3.49
  • 4 bags of Hershey candy ( 2dark chocolate kisses, york peppermint patties and reeses)
  • Jergens Healthy Glow Lotion

The total bill came out to $19.26, but after using (2) $1.00 off two bags of Hershey candy, $1.00 of Jergen's lotion, $3.00 off Dove Deodorant (it cost me $.49 for 2 Dove Deodorants/ Dove is $3.49 + $3 off coupon and BIGI= $.49) and around $5 in CVS extra care dollars I only spent around $7.00. Plus the 4 bags of Hershey candy gave me a free movie ticket after mail in rebate. You cannot buy a movie ticket + candy for what I paid today at CVS. On top of it...I made $5 extra care bucks to spend again next month.

It takes a little bit of planning and work ahead of time to get great deals....but for me and the hubs it is totally worth the extra money in our pockets!

Some of my best sources:

www.coupons.com clipcoupons virtually and print


www.southernsavers.com - this is a fantastic blog that started my journey in couponing

www.target.com - Target has tons of coupons of their website

www.publix.com I used to shop at Wal-Mart for cheap groceries...now I can shop at Publix, get better quality and pay less! Publix has great B1G1 items each week and have great coupon policies. Just check for your local policy on their website.