Little Victory...and a shout out...

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

I am so excited....I started couch to 5k two weeks ago and I have amped up my other workouts at the gym so that I am making the most of my exercise time. My goal is to be able to run a 5k in 6 months. I know most people can train for it in much shorter time than 6 months...but I need to lose some weight as well.

The hubs and I have changed our eating ways...BIG TIME! But nothing we can't stick to. More water and less diet soda or sweet tea (for the hubs), lean ground turkey instead of beef, more fresh fruits and veggies instead of processed snacks...that sort of thing.

My overall goal is 50-75lbs....and that is a HUGE number and when I think about it I get frustrated. So I set mini goals...1-2lbs a week. Well this week's weigh in I am down 4lbs! I am so excited and it gives me the motivation to continue pressing on.

Another motivation is this new blog I am reading:

Tricia is AWESOME! She has lost weight the healthy way, blogs about her running experiences, workout gear, food and is such an inspiration and motivator! I think you should check it out!